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Mid Drift Movement's Board of Directors 

Angie Sonrode

Angie is the co-founder and President of Mid Drift Movement. She is a birth/post partum doula, feminist, lactivist, breastfeeding counselor, parent educator and cheerleader of parents everywhere. Since becoming a mother herself almost 15 years ago, she has been dedicated to finding ways to build circles of support around parents and families, including working with several local non-profits.

Mid Drift's roots were planted when Angie started looking at the realities of the body she has after having given birth to her 4 kiddos and the realization that things are a different. As a body love supporter, the fact that this was intuitively interpreted as negative was a shock. Where were these ideas coming from and why were they so prevalent? With the love and fervent support of her sidekick and partner Mike, she set out to question these things and search out some answers, while along the way helping other people learn to love their bodies wholly.

Mike Sonrode

Mike Sonrode, co-founder and Vice President of Mid Drift Movement, is a loving partner and father of four.  Mike's investment in this project comes after years of supporting his partner (as well as many loved ones throughout the years) through body image struggles.  As a high school English teacher, Mike uses his educator skills in co-facilitating workshops  and other forms of community outreach with co-founder/wife Angie.  Mike is also navigating the waters of film production as one of the directors of photography and producers of the in-progress Mid Drift documentary film.  His goal is to encourage other partners to engage in this movement's conversations surrounding negative postpartum body image.

Rhea O'Connor

Rhea O"Connor, Treasurer of Mid Drift Movement, is also this organization's social media and promotions manager.  With an art design background and vast experience in management, Rhea is a major asset to Mid Drift Movement.

Finn Sonrode

Finn is an 15-year old that loves school, baseball, and playing with his friends. Finn is very excited about the film project because he will get to travel all over the world. Finn thinks that this movie “could help moms that feel self- conscious about the way that their belly looks after they have babies.” He says that he is also excited about meeting people from all over the world, but he is also kind of sad that he will not be able to see his friends for a while.

Maeve Sonrode

Maeve  is a strong-willed and ambitious 13-year old.  Like her father, Maeve wants to be a teacher someday,(coincidentally she has just finished the 4th grade herself).  In fact, she spends a lot of her spare time and energy “teaching” her two younger brothers.  Maeve enjoys gymnastics, playing and socializing with her friends, and recently started surfing lessons.  Maeve is excited to be involved with the Mid Drift film project because she “wants to swim all over the world” and she believes it will “help mom’s belly.”

Birch Sonrode

Birch is an enthusiastic, smiley 9-year old who loves to eat cheese pizza and mac ‘n cheese. Birch likes to play with Legos and his neighbor Abdi and family.  Birch is excited about Mid Drift because he wants to try food all over the world and thinks it will be cool to be in a movie.  Birch believes this project could “help people become excited to become mommies.”

Harlo Sonrode

Harlo is a cuddly 7-year old who loves snacks, superheros, and playing with his older brother. Harlo likes to travel “because he just does.”  With that said, this little guy has already traveled extensively around the U.S. and had the amazing patience to travel over 30 hours to Bali like a champ.  Harlo thinks that the Mid Drift movement will help mommies and their partners because, “it just do.”

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