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Mid Drift Momma | Krista

Mid Drift Movement

As a first time mama in 2007, I was ecstatic with the entire process. I was both mentally and physically in shape. I felt the strength of my body moving toward birth. I knew it would be a beautiful transition, moving our baby from the inner to the outside world.

Our first son was born into the water, my partner lifted him out of the tub for his first breath and my only stretch mark was near my belly-piercing. I felt I had conquered it all and now the power of parenthood propelled us forward. Four year passed, I still felt both physically and mentally in shape. And now our second son was on his way into the world.

Our life-style started to shift. Though this birth wasn’t as picturesque as the first, I still felt the stigma of society had nothing on me. I nursed where I wanted, I looked amazing for a mama of two and I was also pregnant with our third son. Wow, I found myself saying “I am a superwoman.”

Then in 2013, we welcome our third boy into this World. Another beautiful water-birth, we had the same doula for all three births, the same midwife and the same feelings of being blessed with these happy, healthy boys. Tandem nursing, flying all over the country-side for my man’s work and having 3 boys in tow; I was clearly in the best shape of my life.

Now, real life sets in. I hardly have time to shower anymore, my clothes are all stained and my mid-section becomes fuller with each passing year. Although my husband is beyond the most wonderful and supportive, I still feel like I’m not measuring up.

I found myself wearing maternity shorts this past summer, not for pregnancy for comfort. I feel there may be a societal shift in accepting postpartum bodies but inside me, I have to understand I will never be the same as I once was.

It’s onto accepting, loving and knowing I am where I am. I am where I’m supposed to be! However in this day-to-day parenting, it’s a lot easier said than done.

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