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What has been your biggest struggle with your postpartum body?

I have actually had a very difficult time trusting my body again after having my son. We struggled to get pregnant and experienced two miscarriages before we conceived our son. I also had a very difficult birth which ended in an unplanned C-section and had an extremely difficult time breastfeeding. I was under the impression that getting pregnant, being pregnant, and breastfeeding were all easy things and my body just could not seem to do it very naturally. I have resented my body many times for seemingly “betraying” me on something that I wanted to go smoothly but didn’t.

What do you love about your postpartum body?

I love that my son fits perfectly with my body. And it has amazed me that my body continues to change while he grows to suit his needs. I am able to carry him just so through every phase and size he has been and I absolutely adore my body for that!

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